Become a Bankera Exchange Bounty Hunter

We value the security of our users the most – that is why we are focused on improving the safety of Bankera Exchange every day. Although our team of experts is constantly testing the platform and searching for any bugs or vulnerabilities that might occur, we understand there might still be some we have overlooked. Thus, we have decided to launch a bug bounty program, providing our users with an opportunity to gain rewards by helping us locate possible bugs.

Partcipate in Bankera Exchange bug bounty

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Japanese meetup summary

Last Tuesday, 17th of July, Bankera hosted its first meetup in Tokyo, Japan. More than 250 community members came to meet the CEO, Vytautas Karalevičius, and got the chance to ask questions about Bankera’s project. We would like to say an enormous thank you to each member of our Japanese community who participated in our meetup! We also cannot miss the opportunity to thank our Japanese community manager and our on-site translator for the amazing work done for this event!

Japanese meetup summary
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