Bankera Q&A #10

On Bankera‘s 10th Q&A, our Business Developer Kotryna answers some of the questions submitted by Bankera’s community in our social media channels.

Q&A with Bankera's Business Developer Kotryna Gudžiūtė

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As usual, we have also prepared the video transcript for you.

What are Bankera plans in this bear market? Does the market situation have any effect on it?

Cryptocurrencies are well-known for their volatility, so the price swings attract more and more crypto traders. So we believe that we are launching Bankera’s exchange at the best time.

Also, we are building Bankera to scale up our services in order to provide an excellent choice for people who want to make payments online. We believe that the bear market does not affect our plans.

What is Bankera doing to increase the BNK value?

Bankera is a long-term project and we are putting the most effort on product development, in order to give BNK traction as a utility token.

Is there a release date for Bankera’s exchange? What are the next main things you are working on?

We are aiming to release Bankera’s exchange by the end of this year. Our next main product will be Bankera’s wallet.

What is the effort to get a crypto banking license?

On one side, we are already working with licenses we have in our ecosystem – for instance, you can check our blog post about our partnership with Pervesk. On the other side, we are working to obtain banking and other licenses for our business.

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