Bankera Q&A #9

In our ninth Q&A, we answer some of the frequently asked questions sent by Bankera‘s community on our social media channels.

Bankera Questions and Answers

How do you make sure that Bankera’s platform can handle enough transactions per second?

Security and scalability are key objectives of Bankera’s exchange and it is where our developers are putting the most effort on. Therefore, we are building a fully scalable product in order to avoid any bottlenecks.

How do you plan to attract users to your exchange?

We will introduce Bankera’s exchange to SpectroCoin users, who are almost 900 000 in total, and we also have our own community. This is our initial userbase. Bankera’s exchange will include a variety of payment options, including fiat currencies. Also, it will offer free exchange of pairs that include BNK, an attractive feature for users, who will be able to exchange BTC to BNK and then BNK to ETH, for example, without fees. And last but not least, other projects will be able to request their tokens to be listed on Bankera’s exchange, attracting their communities to our platform.

Will we have more videos covering Bankera?

In addition to our Q&A videos every two weeks, we are planning to cover our developments in a new blog series, so stay tuned!

What is the situation with Bankera’s banking platform?

It is the milestone to be reached after the launch of Bankera’s exchange. It is the focus of our Business Development team, so make sure to check in Bankera’s blog the interview with our VP for Business Development, Craig Grant.

Given that the Ethereum blockchain uses the Proof of Work consensus algorithm and, as such, is energy inefficient, will you be migrating to Ethereum Casper? Or perhaps migrating to another more energy efficient blockchain?

We believe that the main Ethereum chain will migrate to Ethereum Casper and we will support the contract on this blockchain. However, the final decision will be made once an actual shift of the Ethereum’s blockchain consensus mechanism is defined.

When will SpectroCoin and Bankera have the lightning network implemented?

It is in our to-do list, however, it is not our top priority. Currently, the lightning network is not widely used, so the time we would need to invest to support it would be more costly than a potential payback.

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