Bankera Q&A #11 with Developers

On Bankera‘s 11th Q&A, our Developers answers some of the questions submitted by Bankera’s community in our social media channels.

Are there any features that set Bankera Exchange apart from the existing exchanges? Could you provide examples?

Bankera’s goal has always been to offer unique products that would stand out in the market.  Firstly, we aim to make trading comfortable for all-level traders. Our exchange platform features an app-like feel that is easy to navigate for beginners and experienced traders alike.

What is more, we designed our trading platform to display token quantities with the maximum decimal precision. Typically exchanges show digital-asset values with up to 8 decimal numbers, which is fine regarding some cryptocurrencies. However, there are tokens and cryptos with a much higher decimal number. Take Ethereum, for example. It has 18 decimal places, meaning that most exchanges have to round such currency values up. We will display precise numbers of crypto and token quantities in real-time to help our users trader efficiently.

While currently, our trading platform is available only in English, in the near future we are planning to introduce multiple additional languages to accommodate users from all over the world among many more features.

Will SpectroCoin wallet be accessible through Bankera Exchange directly?

No, SpectroCoin wallet will not be accessible through Bankera Exchange. It is worth pointing out that Bankera Exchange and SpectroCoin are separate projects, they are both offering their unique products and services. Each user can sign-up and use both platforms. However, the wallets are not connected. 

What have you done to ensure the stability of the exchange platform?

Software testing has been executed repeatedly throughout the entire Bankera Exchange development process in order to identify and solve the potential issues at early stages and thus ensure a smooth functioning of the final product.

How long will it take your team to list all the coins in the current top 20 by market cap?

It’s hard to predict the exact time frame; nonetheless, we intend to continually expand our services and offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens available to trade. A large number of projects have already applied to be listed on Bankera Exchange, and our team is thoroughly reviewing each application to make sure only high-quality cryptocurrencies and tokens are listed on our exchange platform.

Which fiat and cryptocurrencies will be listed on Bankera Exchange?

Initially, the Exchange will offer cryptocurrency trading with DASH/BTC, XEM/BTC, ETH/BTC, BNK/BTC and BNK/ETH pairs. We will also offer free of charge trading for all Banker token (BNK) pairs. While fiat trading pairs are not out of the question and will be added in the future, they will not be available from the start.

Have you already made the final decision regarding the interface colours? Will it be black or white?

Initially, by popular demand from our community members, our exchange interface will feature dark colours. Later on, both dark and light interface colours will be available as options. Each user will be able to choose what suits their eyes best and pick the preferred interface colour in the account settings. 

If the Exchange could not be launched until 31st December, what would you do?

We consider such scenario unlikely. At the moment the entire Bankera team has shifted its focus to prepare for the upcoming early launch of the Exchange on the 17th of December as has been announced earlier this week. In case of an unlikely event of the delay, our team would work tirelessly to make sure the delay is as short as possible.

Could you confirm if the API will be available from the day when the Exchange is launched?

Yes, API services will be available from day one. We believe API is a crucial feature that experienced traders are looking for in a trading platform. As Bankera Exchange aims to satisfy the needs of all traders, both beginners and experienced ones, we have made sure API is functional from the early days of the Exchange.

How many transactions per second will Bankera Exchange be capable of processing?

We can assure you that our servers are strong enough to handle a vast amount of users and transactions in order to avoid bottlenecks.

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