Bankera Will Support Ethereum Istanbul and Muir Glacier Upgrades

Ethereum, the most widely used platform for decentralized applications in the world, is continuing its movement to the 2.0 version that will introduce a new blockchain validation model. Shortly, the platform will hold two hard fork updates: Ethereum Istanbul and Ethereum Muir Glacier. As the upgrades are nearing, we would like to cover their effects on the Ethereum blockchain as a whole, as well as their implications for the users of Bankera’s products.

Support for Ethereum Istanbul and Muir Glacier Hard Forks
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Bankera’s Web Has a New Look: A Peek into Upcoming E-wallet Service

Today, we come one step closer to launching our core product. Bankera’s website has been redesigned to represent our upcoming e-wallet service. Bankera’s wallet solution is the key puzzle piece in our ecosystem, which will provide our community with a new, more efficient way of spending, saving and managing everyday finance. Without further ado, we would like to invite you to take a glimpse at our website and blog post for a quick preview of our upcoming service.

New Bankera Landing Page is live! Take a look

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Bankera Loans: Letter to Our Community

Bankera Loans have been rebranded to SpectroCoin 
Loans. You can access our new service on the
crypto loans page.

Letter to Our Copmmunity

Dear Bankera community,

Yesterday, we announced the official launch of Bankera Loans platform, our new lending solution for the blockchain era. Bankera Loans is the third product within Bankera’s ecosystem and signifies a remarkable milestone for the company and our community.

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