A New Alternative for BNK Trading: IDAX

A week ago, we presented the first new platform for Banker (BNK) token trading and promised more such announcements in the near future. Here it is: to increase the liquidity of Bankera’s home currency, as well as to expand the selection of platforms for BNK trading, we have reached an agreement to list it on IDAX cryptocurrency exchange this week!

New Friendship: IDAX & Bankera

What should one know about IDAX?

Opened in 2017, IDAX is a cryptocurrency exchange that originates from the Global Blockchain Research Centre (GBC), a high-tech industrial park that also serves as the current operational center of IDAX. GBC provides working space for a number of blockchain academics and runs a large facility for cryptocurrency mining.

The exchange itself supports an impressive number of over a hundred coins and tokens, some of them exclusive to IDAX. Banker (BNK) will be added to the IDAX selection on the 5th of June, 10 AM (UTC), and paired with the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world – Bitcoin. Users will be able to deposit their BNK assets from the 4th of June, 10 AM (UTC).

A handful of options to choose from

Along with the listing on IDAX, BNK tokens are now available on six different trading platforms to suit the needs of any cryptocurrency enthusiast that would like to trade Bankera’s home currency.

Table illustrating where you can trade BNK - Bankera's Ecosystem: SpectroCoin (BNK/BTC, BNK/ETH, BNK/USDT, BNK/XEM, BNK/DASH), Bankera Exchange (BNK/BTC, BNK/ETH, BNK/USDT); External Exchanges: HitBTC (BNK/BTC), (BNK/ETH), (BNK/USDT), Hanbitco (BNK/BTC), IDCM (BNK/BTC), IDAX (BNK/BTC)

For both new and experienced traders, BNK token markets are primarily available on two products within Bankera’s ecosystem: cryptocurrency brokerage SpectroCoin and Bankera Exchange. The net transactional revenue share on these platforms is paid out automatically, while Bankera Exchange users can also enjoy free BNK deposits from SpectroCoin, as well as fee-free trading with BNK pairs.

Additionally, BNK is now supported on four external cryptocurrency exchanges: IDAX, IDCM, and HitBTC ranked among the top 30 trading platforms worldwide by trading volume, as well as Hanbitco, an up-and-coming Korean exchange.

The new listings of BNK token are beneficial not only for increasing liquidity or attracting new members to Bankera’s community. BNK trading data provided by IDCM and IDAX will also act as a trusted source of information required for an accurate representation of BNK statistics on cryptocurrency market capitalization websites.

If you have further questions regarding BNK trading on IDAX, please contact IDAX support.