Bankera’s Roadmap: Pro-rata Distribution of Unsold Tokens

Since the beginning of Bankera’s project, it was stated in our whitepaper that unsold ICO tokens would be distributed pro-rata to pre-ICO and ICO participants. Now that Bankera’s ICO has ended, we continue to work on the goals that we set out in our roadmap. Thus, the first step taken was the pro-rata distribution of unsold tokens to all 100,902 pre-ICO and ICO participants.

What does pro-rata mean?

Pro-rata means in proportion: the unsold tokens will be distributed in proportion to the tokens sold. Therefore, the amount of extra tokens you will receive depends on how many tokens you have purchased, not on the number of Bankera contributors.

During the pre-ICO and ICO, 7,728,796,160 BNK tokens were sold (2,500,000,000 pre-ICO + 5,228,796,160 ICO). Since the total hard cap for the pre-ICO and ICO is 10,000,000,000 BNK, the remaining 2,271,203,840 BNK tokens will be allocated to token holders who purchased BNK. The extra token amount is calculated by dividing the number of unsold tokens by the sold tokens:

Extra tokens % = Unsold tokens / Sold tokens x 100%

Applying the formula to final ICO numbers, we get that pre-ICO and ICO participants will receive 29.39% extra BNK tokens or, in other  words, for each token they already hold, they will receive extra 0,293862562 BNK tokens. To calculate how many BNK tokens you will receive with the pro-rata distribution, you just need to apply this simple formula:

Extra tokens after pro-rata distribution = 0.2939 x tokens purchased

Hence, if you purchased 100 BNK tokens during the pre-ICO/ICO, for example, the calculation will be the following:

0.2939 x 100 BNK tokens = 29.39 extra BNK tokens

Tokens allocated as bonuses or bounties (e.g. for advisors, community managers, translators, etc.) will not be included in the distribution since they are part of the tokens allocated for the team (25% of the total supply) and advisors (5% of the total supply). Thus, the total amount of tokens now in circulation is 10,488,895,631 BNK tokens (10 bn pre-ICO and ICO + 488,895,631 for team/advisors/bounties).

Token Allocation

The 488,895,631 BNK tokens distributed for the team, advisors, and bounties represent only 0.05% of the total amount of tokens in circulation. The remaining percentage attributed to advisors and the team will be distributed over the lifetime of the Bankera project in order to prevent the dilution of the Banker token price for pre-ICO and ICO participants.

As of now, we have 40.05% of the total possible supply in circulation (10% pre-ICO + 30% ICO + 0.03% team + 0.02% advisors). An SCO is only a possibility we are considering for the future and we do not plan to have one anytime soon. If you want more information about this, please check our blog post about Bankera’s total token supply.

In conclusion, we expect no more than 1bn BNK tokens to be distributed within the first year of Bankera’s project, making the circulating supply 11bn BNK tokens in total, with more than 90% of the tokens attributed to pre-ICO and ICO participants. This, in turn, means that pre-ICO and ICO token holders will receive over 90% of the 20% weekly transactional revenue share, guaranteeing our token holders benefit the most out of it.

If you have not done it yet, check our blog post about what’s next for Bankera and stay tuned to our communication channels for more news and updates on Bankera.