Bankera’s own exchange: The reason we are making one

In November, we announced that we were developing Bankera’s own cryptocurrency exchange platform, but we did not elaborate on the reasons behind this decision. Bankera‘s team has always been oriented towards building a strong and long-lasting community. While working hand in hand with our community, we were able to better identify the needs of crypto-users. We believe developing our own exchange will address those needs.

From the beginning, SpectroCoin has always been focused on payment solutions for cryptocurrencies (and it will continue to do so), but we have continually noticed a demand from our customers for a crypto-trading platform. Since we now have such a large community of BNK token holders, our wish to create an environment for this high-quality pool of traders has been strengthened. We want to offer them a low-cost and secure alternative to existing exchanges. In this way, we see SpectroCoin and Bankera as a symbiotic ecosystem that will cover all of the needs involved in exchanging currency.

In addition to expanding the range of services offered to our clients, we also see the development of our own exchange platform as a way to increase the liquidity of BNK, in the long term, by creating additional supply and demand. BNK as a utility token will allow token holders to trade pairs that include BNKs for free at Bankera’s exchange platform. Therefore, it will be much more cost-effective for our clients to buy BNK with EUR and then buy BTC with BNK, rather than directly buying BTC with EUR. This creates an additional demand for BNKs, which should provide additional liquidity and higher utility.

Initially, Bankera’s exchange will support these currencies: EUR, BTC, ETH, DASH, NEM, and BNK. Later, more currencies will be added, including ERC-20 and NEM mosaic tokens. We are already accepting applications for coins and tokens to be listed on Bankera’s exchange. For potential token listings, please visit:

Our clients have asked for BNK to be listed on external exchanges, as well. The agreement with HitBTC will provide that opportunity. Other exchanges are not out of question, however, our primary focus now is to make trading BNK on Bankera’s exchange an excellent prime choice.

More information regarding Bankera’s own exchange will be announced soon on our official communication channels, so stay tuned!