Winners of Bankera’s trading competition announced

On November 25th, we announced that Bankera was going to have its own exchange platform as part of our goal of becoming a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency users. We wanted to work closely with our ICO contributors  to develop a digital currency exchange platform that fits the needs of the crypto community. Thus, we launched a trading competition designed to test our platform. After much anticipation, we are finally revealing the winners for the first round of the contest. These winners will receive over 2 BTC worth of prizes.

Bankera's trading competition winners

The trading competition

As part of the competition, participants had to trade six types of fictional coins – TestCoin (TST), PlayCoin (PLY), Playcoin2 (PIL), AltCoin (ALT), TryCoin (TRY), WinCoin (WIN) – on our demo platform and report the bugs. The users with the most WinCoins (WIN) by the end of the contest were eligible to win bitcoin prizes. The competition ended on the 30th of December, as promised, and after reviewing the results, we are excited to announce the winners of the competition.

The winners of the competition

TOP 10 winners who collected the most WinCoins are:

1st 26008.57105 WIN – 0.5 BTC

2nd 24509.12775 WIN – 0.3 BTC

3rd 13350.18942 WIN – 0.2 BTC

4th 11220.71772 WIN – 0.15 BTC

5th 11002.83868 WIN – 0.1 BTC

6th 8538.000334 WIN – 0.05 BTC

7th 8375.484579 WIN – 0.05 BTC

8th 8273.982124 WIN – 0.05 BTC

9th 4365.5 WIN – 0.05 BTC

10th 1078.9 WIN – 0.05 BTC

Our competition attracted many contestants and while we are unable to reward each and every one of them, we want to thank the participants for their valuable insights that will help us improve our platform. Thus, to say thank you we will be also rewarding the participants who placed within 11th to 100th places.  Contestants who placed within 11 to 50 places have won 0.001 BTC each and contestants who placed within 51 and 100 places have won 0.0005 BTC each.

Moreover, we promised to reward the top holder of one additional coin. This Coin was selected from TST, PLY, PIL, ALT and TRY before the competition and was hidden under the hash – a05c5a59925afd12b2588270552c5f79. The encrypted text was ALT-is-a-winning-coin-2017-11-24, hence AltCoin (ALT) is the winning coin and we would like to congratulate the contestant who collected 23655.10782 AltCoins and won 0.5 BTC. We will contact the prize winners individually and the payouts will be made to the winners’ SpectroCoin wallets.