Bankera Q&A #4

This week we are bringing you already the fourth video in our Q&A series. This time Bankera‘s VP for Communication Tse-Hsin Lu answers the most popular questions submitted by you on our official Facebook page.

Q&A with Bankera's VP for communication

 If you have not seen the video yet, you can check it out here:

We have also prepared a video transcript for you:

Q1: When are you guys planning to begin the SCO?

An SCO is only a possibility we are considering for the future. We don’t plan to have one anytime soon. We would only launch an SCO if the token price reaches 10 EUR cents and we determine that we need additional funds. In other words, we will only launch an SCO if we need more capital to satisfy capital adequacy requirement to scale our business even further.

Q2: Will all loans be executed through SpectroCoin? For example, if I take out a $200,000 Bankera loan against my crypto, will this be transacted through SpectroCoin or directly to a bank account at Bankera?

It will be transacted via Bankera.

Q3: If you are successful in obtaining a banking license but choose to close down/sell SpectroCoin, what happens to our tokens? How could they be used?

We are not planning to sell or shut down SpectroCoin. However, the tokens will be issued on NEM and Ethereum blockchains, so the net transactional revenue share model will operate even without SpectroCoin. However, it is highly unlikely that SpectroCoin would be sold or closed down.

Q4: What will the token price be after the ICO, and in the coming days what’s your target price?

We would rather not speculate on the token price, as it will depend on the market. However, we are aiming for a 10 EUR cent price in the long run. The token price right now is still 1.8 EUR cents but hurry. After a billion tokens sell, the price will increase to 1.9 EUR cents.

Q5: Will all token holders be entitled to a % of the profits from all of Bankera (not just SpectroCoin)? If so, what %?

Yes, token holders are entitled to 20% of the weekly net transactional revenue from both: SpectroCoin and Bankera.

Q6: How can I buy tokens using a debit card?

Unfortunately, the purchase of BNK tokens with debit and credit card is no longer possible. However, you can still purchase BNK tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, NEM, SEPA transfers, or e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, or Payeer.

We want to make a regular Q&A series, and will be taking new questions for our next video soon. So, if you want your question answered in our next video, follow our official Facebook page for the latest updates!