Bankera Loans: Letter to Our Community

Bankera Loans have been rebranded to SpectroCoin 
Loans. You can access our new service on the
crypto loans page.

Letter to Our Copmmunity

Dear Bankera community,

Yesterday, we announced the official launch of Bankera Loans platform, our new lending solution for the blockchain era. Bankera Loans is the third product within Bankera’s ecosystem and signifies a remarkable milestone for the company and our community.

Our new solution aims to provide financing for crypto holders by giving them the possibility to take advantage of the assets they already have through crypto-backed loans. Cryptocurrency holders globally can use their crypto as collateral in return for loans that can be withdrawn in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-backed loans eliminate the need for a crypto holder to sell digital assets in order to obtain financing. Bankera Loans users can receive a loan while retaining the ownership of their assets and maintaining positions.

Our solution is made for both businesses and individuals. As the market has been greatly underserved for small-scale crypto holders, we decided to issue loans starting from 100 EUR so that all clients can obtain the financing they need.

We, Bankera team, would like to take a moment to thank our community for their feedback, support, and trust in the project that kept us motivated throughout its development. Feel free to sign up and explore our blockchain-era lending solution yourselves.

For more details about our crypto-backed loans platform, see our previous blog post. We will also be releasing more information about the service over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


The Bankera Team