Save the Dates – Bankera Exchange Launch Is Confirmed!

Bankera’s team is happy to announce that our cryptocurrency exchange platform is fully prepared, tested and will start functioning this year, as promised. The official launch dates have already been decided – please mark them down in your calendars!

Save the Dates – Bankera Exchange Launch Is Confirmed!

On 17th December, Bankera Exchange is going live.  From this day, registrations will be open for everyone, while the most active contributors of Bankera will be the first allowed to trade on the platform. They are the ones who have stood behind Bankera throughout its journey so far and whose support we value the most.

As the registration form will be available right from the start, anyone who would like to participate in the early launch or use Bankera Exchange in the future should sign up as soon as possible to join the waiting list. This list will be reviewed continuously, and the approved users will be granted access to the platform.

What is more, every approved user will have an option to send an invitation link to their friends – most active inviters will also gain early access to trading. The invitation is designed to act as a VIP ticket and provide the person who received it with the opportunity to skip the waiting list and gain instant access to the platform. Invited users will also be included in the forthcoming referral program, so hurry up and invite your friends before someone else does it first!

The public launch of Bankera Exchange is scheduled on 7th January, 2019. From this date, the platform and trading will become accessible to everyone.

More news about the exchange is coming later this week, so please follow our media channels for the upcoming updates!