Meet the Team #2

Our “Meet the Team” series is back with a new guest. Today, we want you to get acquainted with Bankera‘s Head of Design, Paulius Slivinskas. If you want to know more about our Design team and the importance of user experience design, leave your questions for Paulius on Bankera’s official Reddit until the 26th of August.

Meet the team Series

About Paulius

Paulius everyday job is to guarantee that Bankera’s visuals and interfaces not only look good, but that they are also functional from our user’s perspective.

Throughout the years, Paulius worked as a Senior Designer and Art Director with international and also highly regulated brands, such as Swedbank, Šiaulių Bankas, and Mini. In 2018, his experience with UX/UI Design helped him to obtain the position of Lecturer at the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. In addition to his daily work with the Design team – producing advertising material and videos for both our internal and external usage, Paulius is currently managing the redesign of Bankera’s website, which includes working closely with the IT and Marketing teams to ensure our interfaces are user-friendly and can provide a great experience for our clients.

If you would like to ask Paulius more about his collaboration with our IT and Marketing teams, as well as managing Bankera’s Design team, visit our Reddit. We will select several questions and the answers will be available next week, on our second “Meet the Team – Paulius Slivinskas”.