The first week’s net transactional revenue share has been paid

Yesterday (5th of September, 2017), Bankera paid its first net transactional revenue share to Bankera token holders. Due to high demand, we had technical issues with SpectroCoin at the start of pre-ICO. Therefore, we decided to share 100% of the net transactional revenue of SpectroCoin among Bankera token holders, instead of the usual 20%.

Last week, SpectroCoin generated a net transactional revenue of 85,219.66 EUR which is equal to 333.13 ETH (given the current exchange rate of 254.29 euros for 1 ether). By the end of last week (Sunday’s midnight UTC), we issued 1,911,843,761 BNK tokens during the pre-ICO and distributed 57,031,859 BNK tokens as referral commission bonuses and as bounties (for translations, promotion, etc.). The 57,031,859 BNK tokens were issued from the tokens allocated for management. There were 1,968,875,620 BNK tokens issued in total. Since the net transactional revenue share is only allocated to issued tokens (not the total possible supply in the long-run), each BNK holder has been allocated 0.000000170212815659507 ether (0.0000432834168940561 EUR) per Banker.

This revenue share is equal to a 22.51% annualized return (0.002250738 EUR per 1 BNK). However, if Bankera would have given the normal net transactional revenue share of 20%, the annualized return would have been 4.50% (0.00045015 EUR per 1 BNK).

It is also worth mentioning that the SpectroCoin community has grown by 20,876 new users during the last week, from 325,840 to 346,716 and it already crossed the 350,000 users benchmark at the beginning of this week. Subsequently, leading to more transactions and a higher net transactional revenue.

It is important to clarify that the net transactional revenue share will be allocated only to the issued BNK tokens. So, after the pre-ICO, there will be 2.5bn BNK issued during the pre-ICO and a fraction of BNKs issued from the management and advisory part (most likely around 150 million BNKs). After the ICO, the number of issued BNK tokens will be between 10bn and 11bn. In other words, the net transactional revenue share will not be diluted by non-ICO tokens in the short-term. For example, the 30% of the tokens allocated for the SCO (secondary coin offering) will be issued only at a price of 0.1 EUR or higher. The 5% of the tokens allocated for the advisors and the 25% of the tokens allocated for management will be distributed over a period of 10 years.

However, referral commissions, bounties and other promotional expenses are paid from the tokens allocated for management. So the management part allocated for the core team is allocated to help achieving Bankera’s long-term goals.