Steps toward becoming a bank for the blockchain era

Next week, the Banker token will be listed on the HitBTC exchange and Bankera will enter a new stage of its lifecycle. Hence, we would like to remind you of our vision and attitude towards our goals. First of all, we always try to choose the right way, which is usually the hard way. The BNK token was not an exception, as it is one of a few tokens sharing net transactional revenue with its holders. There were no relevant smart contract examples in existence, so we had to develop it in-house.


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Bankera’s Roadmap: What Comes Next

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our community members for not only supporting us from the very beginning, but more importantly, for helping us reach several milestones. We could not have gotten this far without you. 100,902 people from all over the world have contributed to Bankera, putting us among the biggest ICOs by the number of contributors. During the pre-ICO and ICO, 7,728,796,160 BNK (2,500,000,000 pre-ICO + 5,228,796,160 ICO) tokens were sold in total. The completion of this phase gets us another step closer to becoming the bank for the blockchain era but, at the same time, it means there is still a lot of work and development that has to be done.

Bankera's roadmap: What comes next
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