Monthly Update: Bankera Exchange Release and Development Plans

2019 started with a significant milestone for Bankera’s community –the official launch of Bankera Exchange, our very own trading platform. As the first month of the new year is coming to a close, we would like to present you the latest developments completed on the exchange and take a look at the upcoming updates.

Bankera Update: January 2019

Exchange features

Bankera Exchange platform was built in a way that would ensure easy implementation of future updates. The main objectives of the first release were to provide our customers with a fast and comfortable cryptocurrency trading platform for both amateur and advanced traders, in this way ensuring a solid foundation for future development.

At the moment, Bankera Exchange offers five major cryptocurrencies and tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), NEM (XEM), Banker (BNK) and five trading pairs, including DASH/BTC, XEM/BTC, ETH/BTC, BNK/BTC and BNK/ETH. One of the main goals of ours is to provide a great variety of both popular top-ranked cryptocurrencies and promising new tokens in the future. Our team is already reviewing coin listing applications to ensure that new cryptocurrencies integrated into the platform are trusted and high-quality. If you wish to see your coin listed on Bankera Exchange, please apply here.

To make Bankera Exchange attractive for more advanced and experienced traders, we have implemented our own REST API feature.This feature allows users to take advantage of algorithmic trading possibilities by enabling them to track market behaviour and access exchange trading facilities from their own applications.

With the introduction of each product, Bankera is moving towards its goal of offering the full financial infrastructure for the blockchain era. To ensure seamless digital asset management experience among the products of Bankera’s ecosystem, we have provided our users with an opportunity to make free deposits from SpectroCoin – our first product. Crypto assets deposited from SpectroCoin reach the Bankera Exchange wallet instantly.

Latest developments

The first update of Bankera Exchange has already taken place earlier this month – it was mainly focused on fixing bugs and improving the user experience of the platform. One of the adjustments that can be seen on the trading view is the new default time frame (extended to 6 hours).

BAnkera Exchange Chart

Bankera Exchange has also been active on social media: we have opened official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels to keep you updated on our latest news and developments. For us, social media is a valuable tool to connect and engage with our community, hear your feedback and suggestions, as well as help you with all service-related questions.

Future plans

Our vision of Bankera Exchange is based on constant development and improvement of the system, making it competitive in the rapidly changing market of crypto. Hence, our team of developers is already working on new features and updates to be implemented in the future.

At the moment, Bankera Exchange offers fixed trading fees for both market makers and takers. To incentivise market makers in our platform, we are planning to introduce variable maker and taker fee schedule that would be adjusted in accordance to the trading volumes of the corresponding exchange cryptocurrencies – to put it simply, a higher daily volume would result in a lower trading fee and increased liquidity.

After the launch of Bankera Loans platform, we are also planning to introduce margin trading service option to Bankera Exchange. This feature would allow our customers to leverage their cryptocurrencies by borrowing money against their current assets and thus increase their buying power.

Bankera Exchange future plans

Although Bankera Exchange already provides REST API, in the future, we are also planning to implement FIX API – one of the most widely used financial API standards globally. With the help of FIX API, traders can gain rich market information from a wide variety of trading resources and use that information to make more efficient trading decisions. By implementing our API into their customized trading tools, users will be provided with an opportunity to track cryptocurrency prices and execute trades on Bankera Exchange from their own trading systems.

Finally, to add more fun to the trading as well as to foster community involvement around our trading platform we will offer the TrollBox feature on Bankera Exchange. There, users will be able to discuss among each other as well as get the answers to all their service related questions.

These are just a few of the new features and updates we have implemented as well as are working on to take our platform to the next level. If you have questions or suggestions regarding our service, please contact [email protected].