The Turning Point in Bankera’s Path

As the new product of Bankera’s ecosystem – Bankera Exchange – is soon to be launched, we would like to present you a summary of Bankera’s journey so far and share our plans for the future.

Vision of Bankera

We consider Bankera as the project that would unify traditional and crypto worlds. These days, there is a high number of companies – both brick and mortar, as well as digital – that share a similar vision and goals to us. However, the key difference between Bankera and the majority of such projects is that our background comes from the crypto sphere. There is a number of legacy banks trying to enter cryptocurrency space, but only a few start their journey the other way around, as Bankera does.

As we are building the bank for the blockchain era, we aim to capture the potential that blockchain can bring for the masses with respect to finance. From the very start of the project, we have kept believing in the blockchain technology. By introducing better technology-driven solutions, blockchain has the potential to disrupt the concept of money and especially two out of three of its main functions – medium of exchange and store of value (inflation-linked baskets could be taken as one of such examples). Hence, we are crafting the puzzle pieces in order to put together the full picture – a stand-alone solution in the era of blockchain-driven finance.

Post-ICO Period

After the ICO, our team has focused all of the energy towards product development. This process has finally produced its result, and we can proudly announce that the first tangible product of Bankera – cryptocurrency trading platform – will go live within a week, with its early launch date being 17th December. Initially, we planned to launch the exchange platform and Bankera wallet service simultaneously, but the latter one has been postponed due to regulatory issues. Nevertheless, we are confident in eliminating these regulation barriers and launching the wallets as soon as possible.

Throughout the journey, we have stayed loyal to Bankera’s marketing philosophy – our marketing strategy has always been focused on promoting products rather than ideas with no tangible assets to speak for them. Such an approach is based on the successful marketing practice of our first product, SpectroCoin – cryptocurrency brokerage with nearly one million users worldwide.

The success of Bankera’s ICO has drawn a lot of attention to its founders, who have received multiple offers to become advisors for other ICOs. However, our founders have rejected every single one of those as they wanted to remain loyal to Bankera and its community, as well as to be fully devoted to the tasks related to this project.

In recent months, we have also significantly expanded our team with new experienced professionals in the fields of IT, legal, compliance, business strategy and analytics. We hope that these new additions can provide a significant boost to our business growth.

What’s Next?

While the IT team has been working on the Bankera Exchange, Business development team has split their efforts to move forward with upcoming products of Bankera’s ecosystem. The first of these products, Bankera Loans, is our primary focus after the launch of Bankera Exchange. Bankera Loans platform will offer its users an opportunity to borrow money while using blockchain assets served as collateral. This project is going to be our first step towards becoming an all-in-one banking solution for the era of blockchain finance.

Aside from wallets and lending services, Bankera team has also started its work on adjusting to the upcoming AML5 directive, which is going to come into effect before 2020, and Bankera Investment Tools that would include low-cost exchange-traded funds, trading, advisory, brokerage, custody and wealth management solutions.