Sell BNK at SpectroCoin

Use SpectroCoin to manage your wallets and enjoy the new feature – from now on you can sell BNKs for BTC, ETH, DASH and XEM. This freshly added function provides an additional range of pairs for your cryptocurrency exchange.

BNK selling has been enabled on SpectroCoin

New features available

Bankera has as one of its goals the release of a high-performance exchange platform, which aims to combine advanced security control and an easy-to-operate user interface. On Bankera’s platform, users will be able to buy and sell BNKs without exchange fees. Until then, use SpectroCoin to access your BNK account and buy, sell, receive or send your BNKs!

Finalizing the exchange functionality of BNK at SpectroCoin unlocks new options for you to get involved in the cryptomarket. Thus, let’s take a look on the advantages you get from being a part of Bankera’s community.

Options for spending your BNK

SpectroCoin has enabled its users to sell BNKs for other cryptocurrencies. Manage it by using your BNK wallet and choose how to spend your coins. You could already buy and sell BNK for BTC, ETH and USDT on HitBTC. Now, SpectroCoin users also have the option to sell BNKs for XEM and DASH.

Additionally, you can utilize BNKs to purchase vouchers offered at SpectroCoin, such as Amazon Gift Cards and mobile top-ups. Find the one matching your needs by going to the Purchase page.

Weekly benefit

Each user who is in possession of BNK coin will receive a weekly commission constituted of 20% of Bankera’s and SpectroCoin’s net transactional revenue. If you keep your coins in SpectroCoin, you will receive it automatically on your ETH wallet. For more information on how to withdraw your BNKs and claim the weekly commission using external wallet, please check our blog post.

Step by step: how to sell your first BNK coin

New to SpectroCoin? Go to and create an account by simply clicking on “Sign up” and filling in the Sign-up form.

Are you already a registered member? If you haven’t purchased some BNKs yet, follow the guidance on how to do it by clicking here.

Sell your BNKs. Use the instructions below and exchange your BNK:

Go to the “Exchange” section of your SpectroCoin account:

Select 'Exchange' on your SpectroCoin account

On the “Currency exchange” window take the following steps: set BNK as the Pay Currency and input the amount you prefer to spend. Then click on the “Receive Currency” and choose BTC, DASH, ETH or XEM from the drop-down list:

Select BNK as the Pay Currency and BTC, ETH, Dash or XEM as the Receive Currency

You can check the amount that you will receive for selling your BNKs on the right side of the lower box. To complete the operation, click on “Exchange”:

After selecting the currency and amount, click on 'Exchange'

Thereafter, you will need to confirm the input data (be sure to check if everything is as you wanted) and press “Confirm”:

Check the information and click on 'Confirm'

Congratulations – you just sold your first BNK!

Your BNK selling transaction has been completed

Important notice

SpectroCoin’s current policy allows each user to sell 50 euros worth of BNK per day – this amount will be gradually increased in the future. If you would like to exchange a larger sum of BNKs at once, please note that the coin is also listed on HitBTC. However, keep in mind that HitBTC is a third party and you might not be able to receive the benefits which are available for SpectroCoin clients.

On the other hand, there will be no daily limits for trading BNK on Bankera’s exchange platform.

A glance over the nearest future

Our team is working towards releasing Bankera’s exchange platform by the end of this year. The initial version will support cryptocurrencies and, once it becomes fully operational, members will be able to experience a complete cryptocurrency exchange functionality, including fiat currencies and discount offers for the platform services.

Along the release of the exchange platform, Bankera continues to work towards its vision of becoming a digital bank, combining services that a traditional bank can offer, such as loans and investments, with the blockchain technology.

If you have further questions on how to exchange BNK for other cryptocurrencies, please contact the support team via the “Live Chat” available on SpectroCoin.