Bankera Q&A #8

Today we are bringing you yet another Q&A with Bankera‘s VP for Communication, Tse-Hsin Lu, in which she answers frequently asked questions sent by Bankera’s community on our official social media channels.

Q&A with Bankera's VP for Communication Tse-Hsin Lu

In case you missed the video, you can check it down below:

We have also prepared a transcript of the Q&A video for you.

Why there is no BNK market cap nor circulating supply on CoinMarketCap?

After BNK was listed on CMC, we provided all the information needed. But, unlike other tokens, the total supply of BNK has not been issued yet. To see the current the number of issued tokens, it is necessary to call a function – issuedTokensInRound() – in the smart contract. We need CMC to use this smart contract function to see the available number of issued tokens and display it on their website.

When will I be able to buy BNKs on SpectroCoin?

From tomorrow, July 18, you will be able to buy BNK on SpectroCoin with BTC, ETH, XEM and Dash. The full exchange functionality will be enabled later on.

What is included in the calculation of the weekly revenue share?

Currently, the weekly revenue includes the exchange, virtual prepaid card, deposit and withdrawal services at SpectroCoin. Once new products are released, they will be added as well.

How are Bankera, Spectro Finance, SpectroCoin and Pervesk connected?

All companies are owned by Bankera’s founding team: Vytautas, Mantas and Justas. SpectroCoin is the brand name of a product managed by the company Spectro Finance, which is the foundation of the ecosystem. Bankera and Pervesk are an expansion of SpectroCoin operations to include traditional financial products.

Do you have independent auditors/regulators you have to report to?

The regulated parts of Bankera’s ecosystem are audited by BIG4 accounting companies. Audits are not publicly available as they are meant for regulators, partners and other stakeholders.

When will I receive my card voucher?

The physical card vouchers are for those who contributed with 1000 EUR or more during the pre-ICO and ICO period. We have already launched the virtual cards, which you can order at, and after the physical cards are tested and work smoothly, you will receive your voucher.

What updates have been done so far on Bankera’s exchange?

Last November we launched the demo version of Bankera’s exchange for our community to test it and report bugs. However, the demo version is only a small part of the work. We have to make sure that the foundation is strong and steady enough in order to add and develop other functionalities. This involves hardware, software, server and admin functions, which are essential to have a successful platform in the long-run. Once this base is strong and steady enough, we can add new features. But this process is not a quick one. New features must be well integrated to the platform and tested in depth to avoid issues in the future. Also, we need to determine the scale of the system so that will handle high volumes. Much of the work that is not visible to our customers’ eyes has already been done and we hope we can share some of the user experience improvements with you in a couple of months.

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