The 30th week net transactional revenue share has been paid

Today (29th of March, 2018), Bankera paid its thirtieth net transactional revenue share to BNK token holders.

Net transactional revenue has been paid

Last week, SpectroCoin generated a net transactional revenue of 103,198.3  EUR. 20% of that was distributed among Bankera token holders. This totaled to 20,639.66 EUR or 56.73 ETH (given the current exchange rate of 363.84 euros for 1 ether). The total number of tokens outstanding includes 10,000,000,000 BNK tokens of the pre-ICO and ICO, and 923,550,139 BNK tokens that were distributed by the end of last week as referral commission bonuses, bounties (for translations, promotion, etc.) and as compensation for some of the advisors. The 923,550,139 BNK tokens were issued from the tokens allocated for management and advisors. There were 10,923,550,139 BNK tokens issued in total. Since the net transactional revenue share is only allocated to issued tokens (not the total possible supply in the long-run), each BNK holder has been allocated 0.0000000051931191260912 ETH (0.00000188946446283701 EUR) per Banker.

It is also worth mentioning that the SpectroCoin community has grown by 4,772 new users during the last week, from 829,334 to 834,106.

In addition to our ever-growing community, we have more exciting news to share with you regarding our MVP SpectroCoin. During the past months, we have been working on launching new features as well as enhancing the services we already have. Therefore, we are excited to announce that Skrill deposit and withdrawal limits have been increased. Skrill is a popular option among our clients who are looking for a fast and easy way to buy bitcoin, Ethereum, XEM, Dash and other currencies.  Thus, to make it even more convenient for our customers, we have increased  Skrill deposit limits up to 5000 EUR and withdrawal limits up to 10,000 EUR per day. More information regarding new Skrill limits you can find here.

Moreover, International Bank Account Number (IBAN) verification has been resumedThat means that from today you can claim your own free SpectroCoin IBAN for euro transactions in the European Economic Area*. To learn how to get your own IBAN, visit SpectroCoin blog.

*You can check with our Support team if the service is available for residents of your country.