Bankera Q&A #5

On this fifth Q&A video, Bankera‘s VP for Communication Tse-Hsin Lu answers the most popular questions submitted by you on our official Facebook page.

If you have missed the video, you can check it down below:

If you prefer reading, we have, as usual, prepared the video transcript for you.

Q1: Will you guys offer international bank wire transfers or SWIFT codes for deposit and withdrawal ?

Yes, now we support EUR payments, but more international wire options will be supported soon.

Q2: Do you plan to change Bankera’s exchange interface?

Our UX/UI team, led by Susana Wessling, is reviewing the feedback you submitted during Bankera’s trading competition. Now she is working closely with our community to improve our trading platform. We will link her interview as well.

Q3: Will you be adding a larger selection of coins so we can exchange them to BNK?

Yes, we are always expanding it, we just need more developers. So, if you feel you are up for this challenge, please send your CV to [email protected].

Q4: What do you think about traditional banks acquiring XRP?

XRP and Ripple are two different kinds of products. Banks are using Ripple technology, but not the Ripple coin XRP. However, we are planning to utilize both of them and we think that Ripple is one of the best applications of blockchain technology.

Q5: What exchanges will you be listed on after the ICO?

We will be listed on Bankera’s exchange and we are working on getting listed on other exchanges as well. But we will be releasing something even bigger soon.

Q6: Will Bankera tokens be used as a utility token on Bankera’s exchange? For example: Could they be used to trade other listed coins? If so, would we pay 50% of the fees or no fees at all?

Yes, pairs with BNK tokens will be free to exchange.

We hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned to our channels, we will be back soon with a big announcement!