Interview with Bankera’s UX/UI designer Susana Wessling

Today we are presenting our interview with Bankera’s UX/UI designer Susana Wessling. She is one of the latest additions to our team, and she is now sharing her opinion on the future design trends in the blockchain industry and her work at Bankera.

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Could you tell us something about yourself? What is your background?

I originally come from a background in Fine Arts and Graphics. Once I moved towards UX and UI design, I worked mostly with social media, designing experiences and interfaces for social networks. I did that for a few years in the UK and in Portugal.

What got you interested in Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry?

It’s a new challenge for me, and the fact that there is a lot of innovation going on in this field makes it quite an interesting experience. A lot of processes are very close to being uncharted territory and how you can present that to the user is always an interesting challenge. On the other end, with Bankera’s platform, you are actually presenting a very common interface to the user; something that they are mostly familiar with: a bank, but based on very cutting-edge technology.

What are your main responsibilities in Bankera and SpectroCoin?

I’ll be designing new interfaces for Bankera, and I will work on improving the current version of SpectroCoin.

What flaws do you see so far and can you elaborate on your plan to refurbish SpectroCoin and Bankera’s pages?

I think with any product in this particular field the main challenge lies on two different questions. The first of them is a matter of security. The user is not completely sure that this is a safe process. The second one is usability. Because they are very new processes, users that are not familiar with how it works cannot relate to it; it’s not commonplace. So I will be working towards improving, in the current platform, the experience in these two particular fronts.

From your experience, what is the most important feature for our users while using our MVP SpectroCoin?

From my perspective, it is not about a particular feature, rather than about a journey. If I had to pick this particular one, I would say what you go through when you first encounter our website. What do you see, how do you relate to that, what questions it answers or not. And, after that, how do the first processes go: how do you sign up, how do you see our account, how do you deposit assets. These features, as being the first contact and the first impression that you have, are incredibly important in shaping how you will or will not use the platform going forward.

So far, how do you feel working for Bankera and its MVP SpectroCoin?

It hasn’t been a very long time. So far I’m enjoying, it. It’s a very new experience, and I’m learning a lot, which is a good thing, so I don’t have much to say.

From your perspective, how do you see the future design trends in blockchain related industry?

I really believe that UI will shape the future of blockchain. The average user doesn’t need nor want to look under the hood and see how the whole technology works. The way that you package, the way you present it to them, is really important for it to go forward. Andreas Antonopoulos, author of ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ that say that it would take two things for Bitcoin to get mainstream acceptance. The first would be to improve security and to make the interfaces easier to use. The second one would be for society to have enough time to adapt to this very disruptive technology. This “enough time” is currently passing, so you see all of these processes that go from innovation into becoming rules and trends. The fact that something is very innovative is the main selling point. It moves towards different interfaces being the highlight. It is not, anymore, about the fact that it is very new technology; it’s about being better at doing cards or exchanges, and that’s really interesting to watch. However, what I am most curious about is actually how blockchain will influence design itself, how it will influence our experience of the web; because it really is, in terms of thought processes, a major difference and it is already having an impact in the way that we perceive web interactions. That is ultimately what I’m the most curious about.

We hope you enjoyed the interview and the insights from a member of our team.

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