Interview with Bankera’s Portuguese-Language Community Manager Thammy

Today are sharing an interview with one of our community managers, Thammy. She is bringing our Portuguese-speaking community’s perspective on Bankera and digital banking.Bankera's Interviews

In case you  missed it, you can check the video below:

But, if you prefer reading, we have prepared a transcript of the interview  for you.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Thammy and I am Brazilian, I was born and raised in São Paulo. I am a PR and International Relations graduate, and I work with digital marketing and social media. At Bankera, I am the responsible for the Portuguese-speaking community.

What are Brazilian/ Portuguese’s common views regarding blockchain/digital banking?

They see digital banks as a global trend, and they are excited about having Bankera fulfilling this role. The idea of having a fully functioning digital bank that works with both fiat and cryptocurrencies really appeals to them.

What’s the most common reason for them to participate?

They want to have an alternative to traditional banks, to traditional investments. By participating in our pre-ICO and ICO, our Brazilian contributors know that they are contributing to make this project a reality. They want to look back after some years and say: I was a part of it, I was there from the beginning.

What is their most common feedback?

The Brazilian community sees Bankera as an ambitious project, which actually motivates them to contribute to it. It is not just a card or just an exchange; it will be a fully functional digital bank, offering its services to a number of countries.

What do you think about the Bankera project?

As someone who comes from a place where big traditional institutions get the advantages and innovative ideas are sometimes dismissed just for challenging the status quo, it is great to be part of a project that wants to change that. We want to offer our services to as many places as we can, and we want to offer the most optimal solution for each individual and business client of Bankera.

What is it like to work for Bankera?

My first contact with crypto was actually doing an internship here over three years ago. So it was great to be back and see how we are evolving and then introducing Bankera to the Brazilian community. Knowing that it will help them to take control of their finances and be more independent has been a great experience.

Do Brazilian believe cryptocurrencies are the currency of the future?

Absolutely. They have already noticed that more people are using cryptos, more people are talking about it, and they only see them growing in the future and becoming an actual alternative to fiat currencies.

How do Brazilians see the potential of crypto currencies in their daily life?

They are looking forward to when they will be able to make daily payments with cryptocurrencies. Currently, cryptos are more of an investment in Brazil, and our clients and supporters can’t wait for our debit cards and other solutions to be available for their everyday use.

What are the common obstacles in banking in Brazil?

Mainly excessive bureaucracy, high costs, and lack of credibility. It takes time for a bank to develop a new service, to offer a new product, and it is also difficult, as a client, to have access to those.

Is there a need for digital payment in Brazil?

Yes. Brazilians want a fast, safe, and simple way of making payments, as individuals and as businesses, and not only in Brazil. Many of us have family or friends abroad, or want to pay for goods, but, currently, cross-border transactions are very costly. Bankera then comes as a low-cost and faster alternative.

We hope you enjoyed the interview. Bankera’s ICO is live, don’t miss the opportunity, get your own Bankers (BNK)!