Bankera’s Q&A #3

This week we have published the 3rd Q&A video in which our VP for Marketing Rūta Čižinauskaitė answers the questions you submitted on Bankera’s official Facebook page.

Q&A with Bankera's VP for Marketing Ruta Cizinauskaite

If you have not watched the video yet, you can check it out down below:

As usual, if you prefer reading, we have prepared a video transcript for you:

Q1: You state that the ICO will finish at the end of February, but what is the exact date?

Most likely the ICO will finish on the 28th of February. However, we will announce the exact date later on, as we would like to deliver everything we have planned at least before the end of our ICO.

Q2: How do you explain your valuation? To where do you think it can go?‬

Our net transactional revenue share paid to BNK holders is around 4-5% relative to the pre-ICO price. But we believe that if we deliver everything we have planned, our user base can increase by 10 times to over 4 million users and that will, in turn, increase our revenue and the token price.

Q3: Can we receive the 20% BNK Holder reward to imTOKEN wallet after ICO?

Yes, everyone will receive their net transactional revenue, no matter where you hold your tokens. However, for transactional cost, if you hold your tokens outside of SpectroCoin and Bankera, you will be able to claim your Ethereum award via smart contracts if it is accrued economic to use gas for transactions.

Q4: How can an individual calculate his weekly net transaction share? 

To calculate the weekly net transactional share, we take the difference between our weekly revenue from transactions and the costs that we incur, and then we get the weekly net transactional revenue. We multiply this amount by 20% and the amount that we get is then divided by the number of outstanding BNK tokens. That gives us the amount that each token receives in euros. This amount is then divided by the Ethereum rate and paid out to our token holders. All the calculations are made on Sunday at 12:00 p.m. GMT.

Q5: What is your strategy for market acquisition?

We aim to do as many virtual integrations as possible in order to be strong and not dependent on any third parties.

Q6: When will XEM be launched at SpectroCoin?

XEM is already live on SpectroCoin, and if you would like to learn more about it, please visit SpectroCoin’s blog at

Q7: Is it possible to exchange BNK tokens back to f.e. BTC/ETH after the ICO, in SpectroCoin wallets? Will it be possible to do it in other exchange platforms after the ICO?

Yes, you will be able to exchange it both on SpectroCoin and on other exchanges after the ICO. However, we have a little secret: Bankera will have its own exchange platform.

Q8: Participants of the pre-ICO and ICO contributing more than 1,000 EUR will be eligible to receive a Bankera’s card and IBAN account for free (initially at SpectroCoin). However, some restrictions might apply depending on the country of residence of the participant, as currently, Bankera’s products are not available globally. When will it be available globally? How can investors outside of Europe withdraw money?

Our IBANs are already available globally, and you can currently claim them at SpectroCoin. Currently, IBANs can be used for euro transactions, however, in the future, we aim to add more currencies, and our international cards are on the way. Regarding the payment options, we will have to comply with local regulations in different markets but, in the long run, we see it as our core advantage. And our Business Development Officer Craig Grant, located in New York, is currently working 24/7 on that.

We hope you enjoyed the video. We will be back with more updates before the start of our ICO, so stay tuned!